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Continuous Remote Vitals Monitor with Early Warning System for homes or hospitals

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Contactless, remote vitals monitoring for chronic disorder management, parent care, and critical patient monitoring

Made in India

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Vitals monitoring for parents @home

Proactive vitals monitoring of your parents @home keeps you updated with their health trends and flag health deterioration early so they get timely medication & treatment to avoid escalation and hospitalization.

Here is how Dozee helps

  1. Manage chronic Cardiac, Hypertension & Respiratory disorder better

  2. Keep a track of their health and lifestyle

  3. Early flagging of onset of potential disorder 

360° view of health, everyday

at your fingertips

The most convenient way to monitor health

Dozee absorbs micro-vibrations produced by heart, respiration and body movements and converts it into biomarkers

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Accuracy that even hospitals trust, proven life saving

High Risk Patients

Lives saved

Healthcare Institutions

Monitor your coronavirus symptoms while you sleep

Remotely monitor your loved ones’ health with secure health profile sharing

Fills the information gap between the spots check

Detection of a possible health deterioration and medical conditions in advance

Helps us better understand the health trends

Track the vitals against baseline and identify deviations

Take our word for it or theirs

"Doze off in      peace in these  worrying times"


Used to monitor heart rate, Respiration, Sleep Quality, HRV & Recovery.


Dozee with SPO2

Used to monitor heart rate, Respiration, Sleep Quality, HRV & Recovery & SPO2.


Dozee comes in two variants

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